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    We are team of eCommerce experts whom can help you to archive your online business goal. More about us
We are team of digital commerce professional who works with your business to win and growth. Our team understand the key elements you need to develop and market your online business online. It is about making it easy for clients discover and engaged with your business and organization from web broswer to their mobile device.

The Solutions
Design, Development, Online Marketing, Offline Logistic and Strategy planning .

KNL provides the world class digital support that can take your business to the whole new level. We will work with you to put together a process driven solutions based on our experience and professional background that are easy to use and intuitive for you and your customers. eCommerce is a fast growing industry that we understands very well and has helped many brands and start-ups to implement their tailor made online stores that attract customer and provide sales.

Our solution also provide enterprise class content management systems (CMS) that make it easy for you to update and publish content and news online without programming or development. Not look further, all of our solutions comes with Mobile element where your business can reach out to your customer even on their mobile device.

Our services


Mobile Development
We provide mobile app and website development for your business.
Site Assessment
We help our client to review their current site and IT system to ensure it can support their future growth.
Focus on yours business
We will delicate a specific team for your project and follow the proper development cycle to ensure on time delivery
Post launch support
We will stand behind our work to make sure your solution always in good shape
Budget minded solution
Our solutions is not design to break your bank but help you to increase your sales. We always provide alternative solution which will work with your budget
Best of the best
We team up with our industry leader to provide you the inductry leading soluton


We grow with your business
We don't just create a solution for your business but to grow with it.

Our professional consulting team and development team will work around the clock to provide you the best service from planning to post launch support.


Since we want to provide the best of the best industrial solutions for our client, we only partner with the industry leader in order to ensure the quality of our solution to you.

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  • Amazon Web Service
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  • mailchimp
  • Alipay
  • paypal
  • google
  • Apple
  • Microsoft