Our solutions


We take pride in the fact that we’re a full service eCommerce solution provider. We offer everything from strategy planning to support at the end of a project.

We offer the following 9 professional service to ensure the solution that we put together for you are professional and executable.


Effective Solutions

Our business consulting team will help you to review your current business model and provide industry standard guidance for your solution.



Our Data analytic team will help you to analyze your current online business data and provide honest idea on how to convert your business data onto a new sales.


Target Marketing

We had a team of Online Marketing professional who will work with you to layout the best online marketing campaign for your up coming promotion or increase the traffic of your site.


Support 24/7

We don't just develop the solution, but we also support and backed our solution to ensure you just need to focus on your business while we making sure your solution is running all time.


SEO Tuning

We can help you to archive a better search ranking with our team of SEO experts. They can review your current ranking and site settings and provide consulting service to improve your search engine ranking.


Resource Planning

We help you to forecast your future growth with our BI tools and help you to prepare any up coming sales to ensure your system can handle the sudden spike of traffic.


Cloud Computing

Our solutions are cloud based computing ready where you can enjoy the benefit of being housing your solution on the cloud.


Security Audit

We provide special security audit and site assessment service where we will be able to identify any security concept or performance concept about your site before it had impact to your online sales.



Our talented Dev Team can pretty much create any solution which tailor made for your business need.